Step Baba

Love comes in many forms. His love for my mother set the foundation as to how I would view men and relationships. I can never repay him for the love and kindness he has showed me but I can show appreciation and gratitude. This is for him.

Love, InshAllah


I was around three when my mother met him.

He said I took one look at him and hid behind her dress. I peered around as he reached down to pick me up, frantically screamed and did a wiggle move out of his arms.

That was the start of our relationship.

My father (technically step-father), Halil, grew up in rural Turkey. He worked hard and was eventually offered a full paid scholarship to the University of Basel in Switzerland. That is where my mother and I would eventually settle after they met through a marriage ad in Islamic Horizons. My parents were forward thinking even in the 80’s!

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2 thoughts on “Step Baba

  1. Dalal says:

    MashaAllah I love your step baba story.
    Its like it was written for my daughter, who is now 9 & a half. She did the same thing when she met my husband and was the same age as you when you met your father.

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